CHC 2018

This  innovative program, children helping children gets your children in small AIM for Seva projects in India and raise funds to support them.   In this program the process is as important as the end results, children learn the value of caring and giving.

Example of computer lab in an FSH

Aria and Siana Kapoor raised USD $6000 to setup a computer centre for the boys living in AIM for Seva’s Free Student Hostel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Aria (11 years old) created a website to promote the cause and to raise funds did a ‘Swim-a-thon’ where she swam 70 laps. Her sister Siana (10 years old) performed an ‘Adavu-a-thon’ where she presented a one hour classical dance. The girls flew down from the USA with their family and inaugurated the computer centre in February 2017. The centre has 7 Lenovo computers, a printer and a trainer to teach the children. This was more than just donations. It established an emotional bond far beyond money. We can help your children with all the details.

Please encourage your friends to do similar activities and get their friends to donate too. This  separate donation page has been created where messages can be posted.  Give them the link Children Helping Children Fund.

Please use the Message space in the details page to indicate WHO inspired you to donate.

In the Remark space,  put  the Name of choice for computer center support from the list below:

Computer centers are needed at these sites:

Tamil Nadu: Palani, Uchimedu

Andhra Pradesh: Kamalapuram, Nandyal

Maharashtra: Maval, Amboli

Gujarat: Moviya

Karnataka: Chikkamagalur, Udupi

Uttarakhand: Srinagar

Your Donation helps  in getting  Computers, Printers, Tables, for the Training and also for better Internet connection.

Visit  site for more details about the various projects, and FSHs supported by our Bay Area, and see how can you help make a difference to under privileged children of similar age in India.