Dance performance for AIM for Seva 2020

Bharatanatyam solo performance 'Natya Tejas - Radiance in Dance' by Swati Vemulapalli 

for AIM for Seva 2020

Aim for Seva is grateful for this special dance performance by Swati Vemulapalli,

and start the new year in the spirit of charity and well wishes.

Swati, 10th grader, learning/performing from age of 4, arangetram at 9.

She performed 4 solo dance shows and in several dance ballets and won prizes in several competitions.
Guru Vishal Ramani, is the Founder and artistic director of Shri Krupa Dance Foundation.

She is a world renowned Bharatanatyam dancer trained from the famed Gurus Mahalingam Pillai and Govindaraj Pillai.

She has been teaching since 1977 and won world-wide wide acclaim for her choreography and performances.

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